Post Concussion Syndrome

NFL ConcussionsPost concussion syndrome, also known as PCS, is a persisting medical problem after a head injury has occurred.

This period of time can range from weeks to months, according to WebMD. PCS can be difficult to diagnose, because it shares many of the symptoms of a concussion, but it’s usually determined by the length of time the symptoms are experienced.

A slight headache that may have begun after a head trauma can linger or worsen to the point of changing a person’s life. Simple tasks like focusing or reading can result in grueling pain, and small noises can trigger splitting headaches. Concussions in sports have attracted particular attention lately because of their devastating long-term effects.

Post-concussion symptoms include:
arrowMild to severe headaches
arrowDifficulty concentrating or remembering
arrowNoise and light sensitivity

Risk of post-concussion syndrome may be worse in children as well as in adults with a history of head trauma. “In a small but important segment of people, headaches can last months or years or a lifetime,” Chicago neurologist Dr. Larry Robbins told the Chicago Tribune in a 2013 article.

Football concussions, as with many concussions in sports, can happen repeatedly over weeks or years and cause irreversible pain and physical damage. In terms of NFL concussions, a 2000 survey reported 26 percent of former professional players having three or more concussions during their careers. While it’s too late to tell how many of the retired football players suffered post-concussion syndrome, the NFL concussion lawsuits will help prove that repeated head impacts can lead to serious, debilitating and deadly long-term consequences. Concussions in football at any level of play must always be taken seriously.

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