NFL Concussion Lawsuits

More than 200 National Football League (NFL) concussion lawsuits from across the country have been consolidated in Philadelphia with Anapol Schwartz partner Sol Weiss as Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel and partner Larry Coben on the Executive Committee in the litigation.

Concussion LawsuitsThe master complaint in the NFL concussion lawsuits alleges that scientific evidence from as early as the 1920s has linked repetitive concussions to long-term neurological issues. The complaint argues the NFL had a duty to address the risks of these brain injuries in order to protect the players, but the League instead deliberately ignored and concealed this information.

Instead of protecting the health of its players, the NFL’s response to this epidemic of brain injuries was to engage in a campaign of deceit and deception, actively concealing the risks players faced from repetitive impacts,” Weiss and co-lead counsel Chris Seeger said in a statement. “This case is about providing security and care to former NFL players who have suffered these devastating neurologic injuries, and making the game safer for generations to come.

The lawsuits were consolidated as a multidistrict litigation (MDL), which allows U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody “… to now bring everybody together and put this in an organized environment where all the legal issues and the medical issues and the scientific issues can all be decided in one place,“ Coben said.

Judge Brody ordered the NFL and former players to explore a settlement to see if “consensual resolution is possible.” A report is due on or before September 3.

Concussions in sports and football concussions in particular are not news to anyone. The NFL concussion litigation is an important step to reduce the danger of these injuries.

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