Traumatic Brain Injury

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is graded from mild to severe, as the immediate symptoms of a concussion can range from a mild headache to loss of consciousness.

The grading scale, according to WebMD, ranges from one to three. The factors that determine the type of concussion sustained are as follows:


Everyone who sustains a concussion should consulta doctor, but the severity of the concussion will determine the level of medical attention needed.

It is very important to allow adequate time to heal before returning to any activity that may cause another concussion. Second-impact syndrome is a rare but highly dangerous condition that occurs when a person sustains a second concussion while still healing from another concussion.

Concussions can sometimes cause long-term brain damage, especially when a person sustains more than one. Some retired National Football League (NFL) players, whose football concussions are the subject of the NFL concussion lawsuits, reported having numerous concussions over the course of their careers. As a result, many of the former players allegedly suffer from conditions such as dementia, depression, reduced cognitive ability, sleeplessness, a disease in the brain and spinal cord’s nerve cells called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and a degenerative brain disorder known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

More than 4,500 former NFL players and their families have joined the lawsuit against the NFL for claims that the League deliberately concealed the link between long-term neurological problems and football concussions. Anapol Schwartz attorneys Sol Weiss and Larry Coben are leaders in the litigation. Weiss is Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel and plays a crucial role in directing important aspects of the litigation. Coben filed the first of the NFL concussion lawsuits in 2011 on behalf of Ray Easterling; he also serves on the Executive Committee of the NFL concussion litigation.

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